About Me

Nature/Wildlife, Landscape photography based in Worcester, MA.

A dad/stepdad to awesome kids, IT architect, runner, ultra-runner and triathlete. Never thought I’d run longer than 26.2 but now am addicted to ultra’s. This is my world through photos and my thoughts.

My kids are my everything. My son takes after me in the theater and my daughter has my competitive and athletic side. Both are wonderful and I miss them when I’m not with them.

My blog is all about family, photography, motivation, humor, running, biking, swimming and spending time with @knitahollis.


I run. I’ve been running all my life and I run for the run of it. I’m not super fast but faster than most but most of all I run for the enjoyment.


I take photographs. I’ve been taking photos all my life but really started in the early 80’s with my cool 35mm. I think I have some talent here.


For just over 20 years I have been developing websites. Crazy to think it has been that long but it all started with my first site milesweb.

My Personal Records


  • 5km (Adult) – The Canal Diggers 5k (9/14/2008) 22:54 (7:23 pace)
  • 5km (Teen) – 16:20
  • 6km – Worcester Firefighter 6k (6/14/2009) 27:38 (7:25 pace)
  • 5mi – Ollie Road Race (9/6/2008) 40:41 (8:09 pace)
  • 10k – Sutton Family Fitness 10k (5/17/2010) 54:18 (8:33 pace) 3rd in age group and 17th overall
  • 10mi – Harvard Applefest 10 miler (10/5/2008) 1:21:12 (8:08)
  • Half Marathon – Boston Run to Remember (5/24/2009) 1:49:38
  • Marathon (official) – Boston Marathon (4/21/2008) 4:30:41 (10:20)
  • Marathon (unofficial) – Boston Marathon (1986) 4:20:21
  • Marathon (training) – 4:10 – Sept 2010 training for 50k
  • 50k – Vermont 50 (9/26/2010) 5:56:02 51k[31.76m]


  • Appleman Sprint Triathlon (.5swim 10bike 3.2run) Total : 1:20:46 (25th cat, 184th overall)
    • 18.36 swim (20th category, 307th overall)
    • 35:53 bike (24th cat, 177th overall)
    • 26:16 run (20th cat, 150th overall)
  • Webster Lake Sprint Triathlon (.5swim 13bike 3run) Total : 1:40:47 (216th cat, 345th overall)
    • 23:17 t1[05:56] (233th category, 401th overall)
    • 45:17 t2[01:40] (213th cat, 322th overall)
    • 24:35 (185th cat, 277th overall)
  • Timberman 70.3 Triathlon (1.2swim 56bike 13.1run) Total : 6:41:15 (233th cat, 1451th overall)
    • 45:42 t1[05:11] (249th category, 1674th overall)
    • 3:09:46 t2[06:23] (231th cat, 1294th overall)
    • 2:34:15 (231th cat, 1423th overall)


  • Lowell Monster Dash Duathlon (2.75 run, 14 bike, 2.75 run) 1:32:46 (43rd overall) *due to storms run was not 3mi
    • 21:20 First Run (40th)
    • 47:59 Bike (46th)
    • 23:26 Second run (46th)

I have run a lot in the last 40+ years and though I’m a little older and a bit heavier I’m still able to go out and run relatively fast. The last race I did was a 5k and ran at 8:20 pace which isn’t bad for an old guy.