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Back in November I decided to switch to a different platform for my website. At the time I was tired of using my normal platform and just wanted to focus on taking photos.

I also wanted the ability to sell my photos. Not that I expected anyone to purchase anything but I did want to have the capability to do that.

I settled on the platform and purchased my year to basically test it out.

First impressions were that I really liked the platform. It was simple to upload my photos and setting up my whole website took very little time. I found a simple look and feel and was satisfied with the site.

Flash forward a couple of months and I still liked the platform but the plain old style looking site was not something I wanted. I was used to having a really slick and sexy type of website and this was well “old school simple and plain” and there was nothing wrong with that; however I started to look into the ability to change the look and feel.

My new platform really didn’t have the ability like I’m used to having. Now I could 1) keep the platform with the boring looking site or 2) go back to my platform and build what I want.

But what if I wanted to keep the ability to sell my photos.

I could do that myself by offering the ability to download any photo I have or what else could I do.

As you are reading this on my new platform you realize that I decided to go back to my old platform and I built the site the way I wanted it to look. It is slick, sexy and well just plain good on the eyes. I was inspired by my daughters site and how she laid it out and used it so I wanted to replicate it on my old platform.

What about the ability to buy a photo? I still have this setup but the fulfillment will be taken care of by the other platform I was using. It is seamless to my users as you will see a purchase button on my photo and this will just link you to my store. Any link on my store besides the actual photo buying process will link you back to my site so it is all setup. Seamless.

I’m working on the ability to actually download my photos also but that will be in phase 2 of my transformation. I want to actually put a few more things up here and take more photos before I go and setup my stock photo download piece.

I also will be documenting my journey back to racing. Not serious racing but racing to motivate me. I have always loved to race whether it be 5k’s, marathons, ultra marathons or triathlons so I need to get back to doing it. I need to get into shape and healthy so you will see a lot of articles about running, cycling and getting into shape as well as photo projects and photo challenges.

Now my site isn’t quite complete yet but I wanted to get this up and running and will continue to work on it throughout the rest of April. As the weather warms up I’ll be heading out more often to take photos. This will lead to my photo projects which will be collections of photos based on some type of theme. Though I have a couple created I’m going to release these later in April.

The good news is that it is pretty sexy looking and I hope you all agree.

Thanks for visiting and come back often to get more updates.

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