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Macro photography is what started my second wind of photography. Back in the day I loved to take photos of just about everything. The purchase of my DSLR and a trip to Boston got me into something I’d never really paid attention to. Close up photography. I got a fantastic shot of a bee and I was amazed when I saw it on my screen when I got home so that was the birth of my passion for macro photography.

General Info

Macro photography is close-up photography of small subjects, including things like bugs and flowers. You can take macro pictures in a studio or outdoor environment so long as you are magnifying your subject sufficiently.

Officially, you may hear that macro photography only happens when you take pictures of small subjects with a magnification of “life size” or greater. I will cover more about the meaning of magnification and life-size in a moment, but essentially it means that you must take pictures where your subject is the same size as your camera sensor or smaller, and it fills the frame. (So, if your camera sensor is one inch wide, you would be photographing something 1 inch or smaller.)

That is a very strict definition, and frequently you will hear photographers call an image “macro” even when it shows a slightly larger subject. The same is true of the photos in this article, many of which do not fit this technical definition, but they are close-up photographs nevertheless.

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